11/11/2009 - L'Européen, Paris, France

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11/11/2009 - L'Européen, Paris, France
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Setlist :

World of liars / All you wanted / All his stupid friends / Sunset hotel / Great fool / On every corner / Knowing you were loved / Things you keep / The goodbye train / Mr. Somewhere / A life full of farewells / Not every clown can be in the circus / Everything is given to be taken away / Thank you for making me beg / Paint the days white / 21

(de mémoire et dans le désordre)


Played l'Européen five years ago on November 11th 2009, with M le Poisson, Eliot Fish. It was a public holiday, it was Remembrance Day. The show had sold out, which seemed a fine welcome to Paris. We opened the set with this song, “It's Not Our World Anymore” and then the remembrances flowed from there. At drinks and a midnight dinner after the show, put on by the affable promoter, he said as if I might be able to explain it “So. 350 Parisians here tonight...and no Australians.” I said that sounded about right. He then told me about a promoter friend of his who had once put on another Australian act. “300 Australians—and no Parisians.” It had been a bad year, but that was how it ended. That was my Remembrance Day.