One over the eight (1997)

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One over the eight (1997)
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Un sampler de chez Hot Records. Pour la version acoustique inédite de Cheerleader. Merci à Philippe M.


Lights Up - Ed Kuepper
When I First Came To This Land (electric version) - Ed Kuepper
Knowing You Were Loved - The Apartments
Spook Strain - Ed Kuepper
Spring Is Sprung - Ed Kuepper
Cheerleader (early acoustic) - The Apartments
My Best Interests At Heart (electric) - Ed Kuepper
Messin' With The Kid - Ed Kuepper
Lion To Your Lamb - Ed Kuepper
Hard Hats and Handbags - Ed Kuepper
Jesus On TV - The Celibate Rifles
Sentinel - The Celibate Rifles
Shakin' Street (Acoustic Rock Version) - The Celibate Rifles
The Man Who Sold the World - Ed Kuepper