My favorite things

I am superstitious. I used to believe that a change of towns, a change of rivers might change your luck. I started carrying a dime & three picks in my coin pocket - every single day, for luck - after I moved to New York.I’d walk past the fortune teller’s on St Mark’s Place and think I don’t need you.I believe in "threes". I’m not sure about the luck anymore, but I still carry them together like this from time to time. Just not every day, though if I’m touring or recording—yes.With that dime in my pocket, I still feel like an album of songs might just turn up with the next rain. I wish I could say it was my first dime, but unlike every other musician I know, I am hopeless with money. It comes and goes - and the coming has never caught up with the going. I stole this one from my daughter.I also have a lucky suit, a lucky tie, and these are my lucky cufflinks that I started wearing during what I consider my Melville period. Bob le Flambeur’s life revolves around a roll of the dice. He even keeps a slot machine in a cupboard in his bedroom. Great lines - "I was born with an ace in my palm." "The way my luck’s going, I’d even lose at hopscotch". I also take a paperback, a pen, a notebook with me everywhere as well. I like notebooks, I like handwriting. I used to write on whatever scrap of paper I could find - cigarette packets, napkins, I was like a prisoner with paper, scrawling lines on anything in front of me. Then I’d lose those scraps. Sometimes I’d find them in the washing, words rinsed beyond meaning, sometimes they’d turn up years down the track. One time I pulled a paperback down from the shelf and a Kreutzberg train ticket fluttered to the floor and there in my scrawl was So tell me what comes after The Big Sleep ? Though it was from years earlier, the world in which I’d written that line, who it was about, Berlin at the end of the year, the world I’d walked in and out on, the time and place all came rushing back. Notes, too they’re my favorite things. My habit.


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